Waste Services for Your Home

We offer seamless and environmentally responsible residential waste management, from regular trash pickups to specialized waste solutions.

Residential Waste Services

Household Trash Pickup

We specialize in efficient waste management, guaranteeing hassle-free trash pickup to maintain a clean and worry-free home environment.

  • Safe and Dependable Pickup
    Our dedicated team of professional trash collectors ensure safe and dependable pickup and disposal of your household waste.
  • Professional Trash Collection Workers
    Our professional trash collection workers offer exceptional services, prioritizing your neighborhood cleanliness and convenience.
  • Durable 96-Gallon Trash Carts
    Durable 96-gallon trash carts are available in Fremont County for residents to easily collect garbage and wheel it to the street when it's time for pickup.

Yard Waste Site

Our yard waste site is free for residents of Shenandoah.

Metal Recycling

We offer efficient metal recycling services for a greener Shenandoah.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Looking for Another Type of Solution?

For projects such as home remodels or renovations, major landscaping, roof tear-offs, or basement junk removal, we offer temporary dumpster rentals for easy, safe, and convenient waste removal.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Contact us to speak with one of our local waste experts who can assist you in obtaining the size and type of container best suited for your needs.

Shenandoah Sanitation Services

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Shenandoah Sanitation is proud to offer a range of premium, customer-focused services to meet the needs of all of our customers.